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Vinterferien i 2013

Dette er en engelsklekse jeg hadde over ferien der jeg skulle skrive tre ting jeg hadde gjort hver dag. Håper du liker det!

I made banana muffins with raisins for breakfast. It took some time, but it was worth it!
For the holidays I flew to my grandparents in Skatval near Trondheim. While flying I was reading: “The Secret Zoo: Riddles and Danger” in German. When I arrived, my grandparents met me at the airport.
Before I went to the airport, I and my parents planned my holiday: I was going to go skiing, and write an essay, and go ice-skating.

Today my cousin Inga comes for a visit, and then we go ice-skating, and we are supposed to have a little concert.
Before she came, I ate breakfast and lunch, and I watched YouTube.
The weather was snowy, and we didn´t quite know if the snow was gonna ruin the ice-skating. Inga´s parents had also got their skates, so we had a snowball fight, which made us skate faster to hit Oyvind and Ingunn (Inga´s parents).
When we came home, we played Minecraft and ate candy (from saturday), and then we had dinner. After that we had a piano/violin concert.

In the morning, before breakfast, I played on the computer.
After breakfast we drove to central Stjordal and bought two pairs of trousers and ski sticks.
Then I and my grandmother went skiing. We were not sure if the snowfall from yesterday would ruin the track. It did not. So we went 5 km total. On the last hill we had to use herring-bone to get up. After that we didn´t really do much the rest of the day.

In the morning, before breakfast, I played on the computer.
For breakfast I got a bread roll filled with smoked salmon. After breakfast I wrote what I did on Monday, and then I finished the essay I started yesterday. It was about horrible ski trip.
Before i went out skiing again, i ate a burger. I trained on the ploughing position. It was medium hard. In the afternoon I and my grandmother played Monopoly.

I went skiing with my grandma. There was too good skiing conditions, so I managed to fall with one ski under another, which was stuck in the snow, and pointed right at me.
When I came home, I played piano. I was practicing a difficult song.
Then we had shrimps and baguettes and lemons and mayonese (a dinner tradition we have every last evening I am there)

I had put my alarm clock on 5:30 AM because our train departed 6:45 AM and there was no «take the next train».
For 7 hours we took the train from Trondheim to Oslo. 7 hours! That´s very long. And the train was delayed several times by other trains.
It was very nice to be at home again!

I was at home with my grandma. We did my biology homework. We also played carcasonne.
We picked up my cousin, Henrik, at the daycare. He was talking about stuff like «Apm´s digger» (Apm=August) and «dangerous» and «scary» and all those things came from excactly the same: I was showing him that I could drive the Lego digger around on the floor, when I suddenly changed the direction right at him. He moved out of the way, but I just turned the digger and continued driving at him. After that he was going on about «scary digger». So that´s where that comes from!
We had brownies for dessert. Both I and Henrik loved them.

Det er forresten et bilde fra en skitur som er blitt tatt.

Meg i farta!


Kommentar fra mamma
Tidspunkt 24. februar, 2013 klokken 20:54

Flott dagbok, August! Det var veldig morsomt for pappa og meg å følge med på hva du og farmor holdt på med i vinterferien. 🙂

Kommentar fra Mormor
Tidspunkt 3. mars, 2013 klokken 17:49

Hei August! Så flink du er blitt i engelsk. Kjempebra! Det var hyggelig å få lese om alt du gjorde i vinterferien. Flott bilde av skiløperen var det også. Klem fra mormor.

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